Sound Stages

RiverRock Studios
Cutting-edge. Comfortable. Conducive to creativity.

RiverRock Studios is the finest recording and mixing studio in the Twin Cities. Built specifically for professional sound artists, RiverRock offers unique sound stages and innovative equipment for clients to create unparalleled sound.

Two feet above street level rests each room to achieve isolation from outside noise sources. Below our parking lot sits 10-foot copper grounding electrodes to achieve a super low noise floor. Both approaches create an optimal bass response.

We believe the experience of recording sound should be a relaxing one, nourishing the soul of the artist. Our sound stages were purposefully designed to capture the greatest version of your art: clean and isolated sound for each component that’s so transcendent it feels like a packed house, all the while recorded in a setting that feels like home.

Studio A

Designed by world famous acoustician, Carl Tatz, Studio A is RiverRock’s main sound stage. Studio A features a large control room with slotted diffusers and Swiss-made Gotham Audio cabling, a large live room, a dedicated iso room, suspended bass trapping, and the Phantom Focus Speaker System – specially chosen by Tatz.

Live Room

Home to our Yamaha C7 Grand Piano and pristine Hammond B3 organ, the Live Room is the perfect setting for recording the keys or the drums. This space includes 13-foot (15?) angled ceilings, non-parallel walls, and Gepco cabling with 24 mic lines connecting to the control room. The Live Room is even large enough for ensembles!

Studio B

A popular choice for many artists, Studio B is smaller than Studio A – but it still packs quite the punch. Intended for solo acts or smaller groups, Studio B offers a more soothing environment for creatives who prefer to achieve quality recordings in a small, private space.


With sight lines between each other as well as the live room, the Iso Rooms are perfect for vocalists, upright bassists and other musicians who need isolation from the more dominating elements in the live room. Iso B also is a preferred choice for the dry and tight drum sound of the ‘70s!

Studio C

Studio C is your destination for all speaking projects. Whether you’re looking to record a voice-over for a visual project like a film, commercial, or video, or you want to record a podcast or an audio book, Studio C would be a perfect choice.

The Lounge

Creating exemplary art can take a lot out of you. We get it. Artists love stopping by The Lounge to take a breather to reset mid-session, as well as afterwards to reflect on the magic they just recorded. Every artist has their own creative process, and we’re here to support that. Just tell us what you need to create your perfect sound – whether it’s using The Lounge or something else entirely. We’re all ears.

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