RiverRock Studios

Cutting-edge. Comfortable. Conducive to creativity.
RiverRock offers detailed studios and innovative equipment for clients to create unparalleled sound.

Studio A

Featuring our SSL 4072 G/E console and a full complement of outboard gear., Studio A has everything you need to capture your sound.  Industry standard gear includes API, BAE TubeTech, Universal Audio and so much more!

Live Room

The live room features 15’ ceilings and is acoustically balanced to handle anything from bombastic drums to intimate acoustic performances.  The two adjacent isolation booths provide great sight lines into the live room so everyone can play together.

The live room is home to our wonderful Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, and pristine B3 Hammond Organ.

Studio B

Already working on a project? Home to Kevin Israel and Ian Combs, the B studio is perfect for overdubs, production, editing, and mixing. If you’re looking for that perfect guitar tone, the B studio has access to over a hundred effect pedals, as well as RiverRock’s collection of guitars, basses, and amps.


With clean sight lines between all rooms, the Iso booths are perfect for vocalists, upright bassists and other musicians who need isolation from the more dominating elements in the live room. Iso B also is a preferred choice for the dry and tight drum sound of the ‘70s!

Studio C

Studio C is an ideal vocal, overdub, and production studio.  It features a dedicated Apollo x8p interface, Neumann U87 microphone, and  Neve preamps for vocals, voice over, podcasting and audiobooks.  Iso C is a perfect size for interviews and multiple speakers. Studio C is also available for block rentals.

The Lounge

Hey, it’s a lounge!

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